Pompano Beach

Friday, March 3rd 2017

Now I'm here at Martin Brower in Pompano Beach FL. A little tight to get in and not much better inside, but why do I care ? I'm in Florida again! Got backed into door #5 and the guy came out and cut the bolt seal on my doors. An hour later I was empty and ready to head for my next pickup in Medley FL. Picking up a load of bagels there to Walmart in Mankato MN.

The weather is beautful here, its even beautiful when it rains here, but today the sky is blue and sun is shining and have a mid 70 temperature. When I parked up near Fort Pierce yesterday it was above 90 degrees. Absoultely fantastic. Just can't get enough of this state.

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This load was picked up at Alamance Foods in Burlington, NC on March 1st 2017 and was delivered March 3rd 2017 at Martin Brower in Pompano Beach, FL. The trip was a total of 882 miles. more info about this trip

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