Friday, November 11th 2016

I've got to the consigne on time today, but didn't help much cause they couldn't unload before they got approval from the customs in Mexico. They speak pretty much only spanish where I was, but they had one guy there they used to translate. Now I'm at the Pilot just 5 miles away waiting until tomorrow, been here all day since 11:00am.

Been killing time on Netflix and internet and the new premium Wi-Fi they offer at pilot and flying j's is pretty good and worth the money. It's alot cheaper than the extra gigabyte att&t adds when you run out.

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This load was picked up at Millard Cold Storage in Greeley, CO on November 8th 2016 and was delivered November 10th 2016 at Maval Warehouse in Nogales, AZ. The trip was a total of 965 miles. more info about this trip

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