Thursday, September 29th 2016

Isn't it lovely when you only get 3 hours of sleep and have to use the remaining 7 hours of your sleeper birth to drive in off-duty between two companies and unload.

That's what's happening today and it's not the first time in this company known as Knight Refrigerated. Yesterday I only got 4 hours of sleep when they called me at 03:00 and wanted to unload me.

Later that day I got a new load up to Woodruff in Springfield OH. Was supposed to be ready at 14:00, but dispatch told me I could start at noon. So I did silly me. Load was ready closer to 17:00 then I took of for the 9 hour long drive up to Ohio. Needless to say I was damn tired and only halfway. Driving gets a bit slower when I get tired so I had to drive the last 25 miles on off-duty to make it to the receiver.

So now I'm here still waiting to get done, then I'll pick up another Dole load to Wal-Mart in WI tonight at 22:00.


Tuesday, September 27th 2016

Then me and my codriver is here at US Foods in Salem VA. Got a few hours late for our appointment at 10:00 yesterday and it got even worse when I was too short on my 70 to make it all the way down here.

We checked in this morning at 6:00 and now we're just waiting to have then work us in. Next and last stop will be later today in Hickory NC.


Monday, September 26th 2016

I think I've come to the conclusion that Pennsylvania had to be one of the worst states to drive in.